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What started happening after I  received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

These testimonies are not necessarily the entire story of all that happened to them.  Many experienced a changed life and bec\-e powerful in prayer and witnessing.
And whether you would call them miracles or not, our intention is to just make others aware of what can happen through prayer.
Let me add that there is no claim that we do the healing, only God can do that. But we have found that we can be used as intercessors or channels if we are willing, open and available. 
If I, while under oath, had to testify in a court of law as to what I had experienced, I would need to say they were true and it is what has had happened to me.

Finally, as you would expect, these are the most dramatic cases of what we have experienced and they not intended to convey the impression they are usually what happens, but they show the possibilities if not the probabilities.  However, the healing of relative minor ailments such as back problems occur on a regular basis.  The teaching on how we approach a need for healing is found in our teaching on how to heal the sick.


Woman Healed of Bleeding Condition Via Telephone   

Seventy-year Old Woman Healed of Terminal Cancer by Phone.  

Boy Healed of a Mystery Disease by Trans-Atlantic Phone 

A Man Delivered from  Demon Over the Internet  

Prayer Via Personal Contact

Man Healed of Chronic Pain Syndrom

My Own Healing of Cancer
Without Medical Treatment

Man Healed of Chronic Pain Syndrome

Bone Cancer Pain Disappears Instantly

Young Woman Healed of Ovarian Cancer

Sunday School Teacher Experiences a Touch From God (new)

Grandma Gets Delivered From Addiction to Tobacco 

Woman Delivered From Sinus Infection And Emotional Problems

Woman Experiences a Short Leg Being  Lengthened 

Woman Experiences Relief from Chronic Foot Injury Pain

Woman Gets a New Ligament

Woman Healed of a Heart Condition 

Woman Healed of Chronic Back Pain  

Another Woman Healed of Chronic Back Pain

Navy Captain Healed of Stage IV Melanoma 

Navy Seal Healed of Terminal Brain Cancer

Emotional Problems Healed

Woman Experiences the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Miracles in the Dominican Republic

Miracles in Brazil

Mother Receives Divine Guidance Through a Stranger

Man Healed of Enlarged Prostate  

Woman Finds She Can Impart Healing  

Man Healed of Chronic Pain Syndrom

Teacher Wages War Against the Evil Influences in Her Classroom 

Tlephone prayer testimony

Youth leader's healing testimony

Here is my healing testimony for you to post on your website.
Stephen was 13 when he was struck by a car in Coronado, CA. The car, turning right at a stop light and not seeing pedestrians ran stephen over. Stephen fractured his left foot, sprained his knee, back and neck. After over a year of rehab Stephen was healed through medical doctors. X-Rays showed in 2004 that Stephen had developed a severe case of Arthritis inside of his left foot. Doctors managed to remove all of the affected bone.

When Stephen turned 19 in 2007, years after the accident his neck & back pain returned with more pain than ever before. Doctors tried multiple forms of medication, rehab, treatment and possible surgery. During that time in late 2007 Stephen developed a painful form of TMJD (Temporo mandibular joint disorder). With all of the pain together, the only explanation was through Stephen's body growing to fit his body type of an Adult Male, all the pain from the car accident had never been shown through X-Rays or through any pain fully, until Stephen turned 20 years old. At times Stephen could not exceed limited athletic activity. Have a locked jaw many times in one day and not be able to turn his head in multiple longitudes. 

Unable to pay the medical bills that would come with more Rehab and Surgeries. Stephen was working at the time, and still is to this day, St. Pauls United Methodist Church in Coronado, CA. Through working in the youth program Stephen was introduced to Hal Weeks. In a group setting, Stephen attended Hal's famous "Healing and Prayer Class" on Wednesday Nights.

Upon prayer on Stephen, the pain went away. Stephen fell to the ground upon power of the holy spirit. When Stephen awoke he was pain free and could move in directions with his body he could never before. The Holy Spirit also blessed Stephen with the ability to speak in tongues. 

Today in 2009. Stephen is still living and working strong for the Lord, working within Ministry and has been pain free since. The words, "Thank You Jesus" is the only medicine needed.


 As you would expect, these are the highlights of the many things we have seen God do. The are not necessarily what should be expected, but they are distinct possibilities.   But if you can believe God can perform these kinds of miracles, you can be sure He can do the lesser ones.  Because of the reluctance of some to publicize their experiences, this is only a sampling of what we are seeing happen.  The real convincer is to experience a miracle yourself. However, there can be barriers to healing that may need to be removed before healing can occur. See this document for the specifics: Barriers

Finally, we do not always know what will be the results of our prayers but we have seen enough happen to continue doing it.

Although I trust you will be blessed by reading these stories, it is my vision that they will encourage you to learn how to experience them yourself and then, in turn, minister them to others.

 These miracles were based on practices of what we teach in our healing class.  To visit our online class go to: Classroom

benefit to you.

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