This is difficult to define, but I will outline what I am emphasizing in my teaching and practice as a result of a series of experiences that have occurred in the past twenty-six years. For the past twenty-five years I have taught a Sunday Bible Class, giving special emphasis to the work of the Holy Spirit. Since January, 1987, I have been teaching an additional class focused directly on divine healing and deliverance. The events leading up to this class started in July, 1986, at the Methodist Pacific/Southwest Conference Prayer and Healing Camp. There I began to experience the power of God at work as I had never seen it before. In December, 1987 I went through a program for membership on a healing team for the "Healing Explosion," held by Charles and Frances Hunter at the Sports Arena here in San Diego, CA. (see their homepage) There I experienced and observed such a measure of power that I was persuaded that the message they proclaim is for today and could be for me. When I tested this in our Sunday Bible Class I saw the same power manifested. In the over seventeen years we have been teaching and demonstrating this to others, I have rarely failed to see the same power manifested with many kinds of healing occurring almost weekly. People have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and some of them are now seeing the same healing power manifested in their lives.

 Several years ago, it was impressed on my mind that I should start a homepage. I had always thought I would not be able to master the needed skills, but since I believed it was the Holy Spirit prompting me, here it is! Also, a professional Christian web designer graciously offered to dress it up which is what you see.

 It is my prayer and my vision that there will be others who are prompted to start a class of their own by using the resources this website provides. I have been sending this homepage to the random chatters I have encountered, and encouraging them to pass it on to others. Enter the class to learn how to heal the sick. After all, what do you have to lose?


This is July 2004.  January 20 was my ninetieth-first birthday. I have told the Lord I am satisfied with the length of my life although I am still in good health for my age.  The Holy Spirit has told me that this is not the time since He has still more for me to do.  Whatever, wherever, whenever, whoever, Lord.

My website is receiving an average of one-hundred and fifty page hits a day and I am frequently getting wonderful responses.

Passing it on to others is one way you can spread the good news of the gospel.   It would be appreciated.  Hal


Now 94 and still ministring.

Now 96 and still doing well/