Although I had known Jesus as my Savior since I was a teenager, I realize now that I had never known Him as Lord. For thirty years I had been a member of a denominational church and held many church offices, but my involvement was with the business of the church -- never with ministry.

     During the course of my cancer, I was very lukewarm spiritually and certainly had never experienced what I would now call being born again. However, all this changed dramatically. In June, 1977, shortly after I realized my so-called remission was over, I attended my first Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship meeting at the invitation of a member, John Kemble. The emotionalism I observed turned me off, in spite of my desperation. However, I had been having a chronic back problem, and was at the time experiencing pain. I decided to "lay a fleece before the Lord." I quietly prayed, "if this is what you want me to get involved in, Lord, show me by healing my back." Immediately, it was as if a brace had been placed on my back and the pain ceased. This led to the events described above.

In October, 1995, I discovered two large lumps above my right collar bone. An examination by an oncologist confirmed that, after eighteen years, the lymphoma had returned. I was told there was no non-toxic treatment for this disease nor could it be healed. I told the doctor about my previous experience with divine healing and declined treatment. For the next six months, the tumors grew in size and increased in number. I had prayed for healing, and then turned it over to the Lord, but my faith was faltering. While in prayer one night, the Lord clearly impressed on my mind the words, "I thought you had turned it over to me." With that thought, I lost all my fear. For two months the number and size of the tumors remained unchanged. The Lord then promised they would be gone in three months -- and they were. I have had no recurrence since.

 At present we are holding a weekly prayer and healing class in which we are training others to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. (Mark 16:15-20)

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