In my deciding to offer the following thoughts, I am confronted with a dilemma. If I am to teach that we should be hearing from God daily, and that we are to learn how to do it, am I being presumptuous if I believe it? On the other hand, if I say they are merely my thoughts, am I denying what Scripture says should be the privilege of all God's children? Let the reader decide..

This collection started when I began teaching from a book entitled, "Hearing God" by Peter Lord, published by Baker Book House. It has been revealing to me to discover that by practicing this teaching, I have had a remarkable increase in these insights. Therefore, I am offering them in the hope they will encourage others to "listen up" to God.

When I first came into the overflow of the power of the Holy Spirit, the following was sent to me by a ministry based in Chicago that I had contributed to:

Harold: Here are sure words for you while travailing on your behalf.

From Brother Bernardi:

"My Son, this day I require of thee a totality of commitment to a depth that has not yet been experienced in your being, saith the Lord. Come, sit at my feet and learn of my Holy Spirit that I may transform you into MY GLORIOUS IMAGE! The disciples desired to build a tabernacle in memorial of an OUTER EXPERIENCE knowing not it is not something to be viewed but entered into. `Behold thy God and be changed from GLORY to GLORY' saith He whose eyes are now upon thee." [Confirmed in my spirit September 21, 1982]

At the time, I did not understand it, and for many years I doubted if it truly was a word from the Lord. Since beginning this study on hearing God, I am becoming progressively more convinced that I am now to experiencing a fulfillment of these words.

I considered giving the scriptural references where I thought they would be applicable. However, I did not because I would prefer to encourage the readers to search the Scriptures for themselves.

Some of these thoughts express the same general idea. However, I am including them because they came to me at different times and it may be a confirmation of the validity of their source. I found some justification when I discovered the books of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes did the same thing.

I am not sure whether these thoughts are for my understanding only or if they are intended to be shared with others. In sharing them, allow me to remind you that there are always bones in the fish. Be a Barean.

(Acts 17:11) These [the Bereans] were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so. (NKJ)

Studying the Bible is doing for ourselves.
Doing what is says is doing for God.
Not doing what it says is disobeying God.

If we are not applying what we read, it doesn't matter if we read it or not.

Taking something for granted disappoints God.

Church tradition is a straightjacket and ritual make it comfortable.

An passive disciple is an oxymoron.

Obedience is God's hearing aid.

God's first words to us may be to do something.
When we obey, the we can expect words of counsel, guidance and encouragement
to follow. If we don't you may get the silent treatment.

Most Christians are afraid to ask God what He would have them do, so they
don't listen to Him.

Faith is the started of the engine of experience and the fuel is the
thanksgiving that will keep it going.

Living water is for the spiritually dehydrated, but they must go to the  Source and drink. John 7:37-39

Starting from scratch is itching to do more for God.

Christian character is how we deal with the human predicament.

For most Christians, their faith is a supplement, not a calling.

As Disciples we are all feel called to bring about spiritual growth but we must be prepared to be patient with the stick-in-the-muds.

We may all still be in God's obedience school but we better be getting passing grades!

The wonder of the Bible is that it will always provide a "proof text" for what we want to believe or not believe.

Only God can determine if the playing field is level.

If we believe that "all things work for good" then we need to give thanks for all things.

There are no unemployed in God's Kingdom, but there are many who do not report for work but still want all the benefits.

We may claim we have faith but we can't expect God to take our word for it.

The early church didn't know about germs, but they knew about demons.

The modern church knows about germs, but doesn't know about demons -- and thinks it is more advanced.

Presuppositions accommodate contradictions.

Prayer, praise, and thanksgiving is the application of what we believe.

Moments of meditation

Affluence squelches God's influence.

Worry testifies to our lack of faith

Our Christian preaching without teaching is theory without practice.

Asking God to do for us what He intends for us to do for yourself, is passing the buck.

Church social action alone is self-justification.  It should be a tool for evangelism, not a substitute.

When a minister starts a congregation, he becomes their leader.  When he inherits one, he becomes their follower.
Unshared faith is selfish.

Unshared faith is an act of disobedience to God.

God cups his ear to the obedient.

Faith that is hoarded is not rewarded

The only difference aging makes is the challenges get bigger.

If we do not want other tongues, we should at least restrain the one we have.

The world deals the circumstance -- but God is trump.

Prayer is not a substitute for obedience.

Meditation is digesting what God has cooked up for us.

Early meditation is getting God briefing for your day.  Late meditation is getting your marks.

The switch that turns the world on, turns God off.  And we are the ones that throws it.

Pentecost is the "Great Awakening" for each of us.

Most Christians want God to do something for them but not through them.

God's answer to "why?" -- faith.

A true Christian has put God in charge through the Holy Spirit.  To a nominal Christian, He is staff.

God should have first call on our call?

The Bible teaches, we apply and practice it.  Or do we?

God has no unemployed children, but we must show up for work.

The Bible teaches us what we need to know;  what we need to be;  what we need to do; how to do it but then the ball is in our court.  Insisting on God to tell us what we do not need, will block His telling us what we do need.  All we need to know is what it takes to do what He tells us to do.

Strongly held presupposition need to be neither consistent, logical, nor rational.

Society glosses over the fall of man.

Presuppositions can be earplugs.

Speculation makes theology suspect.

Even grace requires a willing recipient.

If the early church would surface today, most denominations would label it a sect.

Bible study that is non-invasive, is non-persuasive - like clouds without rain.

A question we need to ask ourselves if we dare, "If everyone was like me, how big would the Christian church be?"
P.S.  God is waiting for your answer.

The Holy Spirit enabled Mary to give God a Son.
The Holy Spirit will enable us to add to His family, if we are willing.

.Being born again is not going on divine welfare.  It is taking a job.

The world shouts;  God whispers.

Evolution is an ego trip.

The dollar bill will never go out of use as long as there are collection plates.

Scripture exhorts us to become something so we can do something.
So we can exhort others to become something so they can do something.

True worship is not a ritualistic menu.

The rapture will be a fork in the road.
Those that are right and those that are left.

God is the ultimate Teacher but it may take
adversity to get us to enroll.

Asking God why He is not doing more about human suffering risks being asked the same question.

Things cannot have gotten better without first have been worse.

The aversion to speaking in tongues (dare I mention it?) makes the devil smile.
Faith must always contend with doubt, the true with false, the good with bad, the right with wrong, the good with evil, the genuine with the counterfeit, .........but Help is on the way.

Suffering is God's onsite attention getter.

God makes allowances for misunderstand Him, but not for disobedience.

To say, "Evangelical Church" is redundant.

To say, "Modern Church" is an oxymoron.
Our "Prayer of Confession" is the state of our union with God.

We don't need others to confirm our beliefs, but we do need others to provoke us to examine them.

The Bible is the Christian's default.

The Holy Spirit is the "Help."

"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." (John 3:23)

There are back row Christians and front row Christians.  It is what's up front that counts.

A Christian's New Year should not be a rerun.

Space exploration is science's tower of Babel.

When it comes to spiritual complacency, there is no safety in numbers.
The vast majority of "churches" deal with the need for deliverance from evil spirits by:

1.  Ignoring or denying their existence.
2.  Assuming a Christian does not need deliverance.
3.  Turning to psychologist and psychiatrists.
4.  Fear of getting "involved."
5.  Believing that is they don't bother Satan, he won't bother them.
6.  In affect, ignoring what the Bible teaches.  (Mark 16:15-20)

To tithe is a good tip.

To put a spin on what the Bible says is to throw ourselves a curve.

What the modern church may think is doctrinally"out in left field" may be God's hit.

Jesus was "Pentecostal." ***
The New Testament is "Pentecostal."
The New Testament writers were "Pentecostal."
The early church was "Pentecostal."
The true church is "Pentecostal."
The modern churches are ....... your call.
*** Generically speaking.

God is the original Promise keeper.

We are baptized by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ.  Jesus is the baptizer into the Holy Spirit --- and infant Christians are eligible.

If we want God's perks, we should also do what He says.
Man's fall opened God's school of obedience.

If a church building is too small, preach on repentance.

Jesus sent the church the gifts of the Holy Spirit but most Christians are not interested enough to open the package.
God's help is like a cane, but we must do the walking.  We need to get off our duff.
Putting the ball in God's court is a copout

We are called to share our faith but crowing is strictly for the birds.

Words Jesus died to hear, "Here is all of me for all of You."

Most Christians want more "get" from God when He wants more "do" from them.  If they do the "do", they will get the "get."

Spiritual growth is an uphill hike.  It has rest stops, but no camping grounds.
The ageing process is proof that eventually we will need a new body and it behooves us to do what is required to get it.

We are called to share our faith but dumping it on someone is counter productive.

Because our understanding if finite, sooner or later, we must put our trust in God.

Obedience to God is a shortcut to eternal life.

God's ultimate answer is His Presence

Suffering is the absence of something we never had in the first place, since in the first place we didn't exist.

Tongues is an objective proof [that which can be seen and heard] of  the presence and power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

The indwelling power of the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus after His resurrection.

John 16 7  But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

Q.E.D.  Which proves the resurrection.

Theologians prove the imperative need for faith.

God commanded Adam to not eat of the tree of good and evil.
But Adam disobey God and became a rotten apple.

Because we think the sins we need to have forgiven are minor, we don't owe God a big payback.

A cathedral is a monument to art but a tombstone to orthodoxy.

A skeptic -- Christian or otherwise -- should be skeptical about their skepticism.

A skeptics mind is read only storage.

Pain is a mixed blessing, but then so is life.

To believe things are getting worse and worse is not being negative.  It only confirms that we believe the book of Revelation.

To the nominal Christian, experiencing a miracle is just a temporary leave of absence from their comfort zone.

Although we have been given a free will, we do not get to choose our calling.

When Jesus Christ created man with freewill, He foreknew He would also need to redeem him.
Evolution negates creation.
Which negates a Creator.
Which negates accountability.
Which negates a reason for existence.

A false prophet is anyone who waters down the full gospel.

It has been said that the greatest indictment of a church is not that it is falling short of the mark but that is not striving for the mark.  And some ask, "what mark?"

Our commission
Jesus as a man became,
to take my blame,
to bear my shame,
and heal the lame.
And we're to now proclaim,
In His Holy name,
and by the Holy Spirit's flame,
...the same.
May it be our aim.

Hal Weeks, California

The Big Question
What purpose do we serve,
If we never have the nerve,
To share our faith,
...without reserve?
For fear we'll turn whoever off,
That some will turn away and scoff.
But keep it bottled up inside,
Because of pride.
We're to be forever bold,
Until our story's told,
...and sold.
And then we'll know a joy untold,
And later get a crown of gold.
So we're to go our way,
And say our say,
Without delay,
And it will pay,
When we go away, stay,
...I pray.

Hal Weeks, California

Christ's Empathy
Jesus came to set us free,
from Satan and his tyranny.
To take away creation's curse,
By being made a substitute,
and found to be of no repute.
He also gave His very all,
to redeem us from the fall,
-- if we will only hear His call.
He died and then arose,
to show to all of those,
who in their sins were rebels still,
and who'll continue 'till,
they finally pay their total bill.
Then when He to Heaven went,
the Holy Ghost was duly sent,
To make it clearly evident,
that we can be a holy place,
Wherein for Him to shed his grace.
So now we have the Holy Ghost,
That we might do our uttermost,
To spread His word from coast to coast.
And when our earthly work is done,
and our new life has just begun,
we'll be someone to whom He says,
"Well done, my good and faithful son."

Hal Weeks, California